AMS Industries

Hex Socket Fasteners, External Circlip, Torx Pan Head Screws, Hexalobular Pan Head Screws, Hexagon Head Bolts, Spring Washers, Mushroom Bolts, Socket Set Screw, Fasteners Manufacturer, Supplier, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Hex Bolt Full Threaded
Hex Bolt Half Threaded
Allen Head Screws
Grub Screws
CSK Screws
Torx Screws
Chipboard Screws
Hex Nuts
Thin Nuts
Square Nuts
Hex Flange Nuts
Wing Nuts
Dome Nuts
Castle Nuts
Nylock Nuts
Plain Washers
Spring Washers
Serrated Washers
Square Washers
Eye Bolts
Foundation Bolts
Anchor Plant Bolts
M.S. and S.S. High Tensile

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Company Profile

Our sole objective is to understand the customer’s needs & provide timely & effective solutions. We strive to provide the BEST QUALITY PRODUCTS at the BEST PRICE & in the QUICKEST TIME. Our mission is to achieve 100% delivery precision & zero rejection.
We endeavor to satisfy Customers through well organized logistics & service operations.
Our enriched experience and knowledge in fasteners industry has enabled us to cater to our customer from diverse sectors and also from numerous industries over the past few years quite comfortably.
Through our strong partner relationships, we can meet your requirements & offer cost effective products from world leading manufacturers.
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